Feeding Wild Birds in April

By April, many birds are now fully prepared for the nesting season and will have set up camp in our gardens – provided we have put out some nesting boxes for them to stay safe and warm in!

With the worst of the weather now behind us, many think now is a much easier time for wild birds when it comes to surviving and feeding; but that is not the case.

Nesting season brings along its new and even more testing challenges for birds as they need to have a quality and nutritious supply of food close to them over these critical weeks.

As bird lovers, we need to ensure we keep our feeders full of a good selection of seeds and treats so they can be full of energy and raise their fledgling in the best way they can.

The best way to look at this time of year as a keen bird feeder is this; the more help we give to local birds in raising their young now, the more we can enjoy the rewards in the coming years as there are larger numbers who will come flocking to our gardens.

The Best Foods and Tips for April

Choosing from all the different bird foods available is not always the easiest thing to do, so we have compiled a list below of the best foods for April that will be most beneficial to our local wildlife.

The Chapelwood Fledgling Food is a fantastic option to help out the young birds as it has been specially formulated to be suitable for young birds to help them digest it and quickly gain weight and strength.

It contains seeds, grains and mealworms in small kibbled pieces to be perfectly suited to newly born birds.

The Spring Vitality Bird Food Collection is an exclusive selection of foods put together by us to cater for the wants and needs of the UK’s birds during the Spring months.

Containing nine different foods and available for just £19.99 (HALF PRICE!), you can ensure the local birds know your garden is the place to go for their favourite tasty and nutritious treats.

Included in the collection are Black Sunflowers, Mealworms and Woodland Crumble.

New Visitors to Your Garden in April

Certain species will begin returning to our shores during April, including Swallows, Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and Starlings – so be sure to keep an eye out for these in the coming weeks!

In the final few days of April you may also be lucky enough to start spotting Redstarts and Warblers!

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